Saturday, February 11, 2006

The impact of war

The following summarises the impact global or civil violence has on global mortality:

• $US1000 billion dollars a year is spent on war. Of this the United States spends over $US450 billion a year . (National Priorities Project. National Security. US Military Spending).

In comparison with global military expenditure the United Nations Peace Keeping has a miniscule budget. In 2004 expenditures on UN Peace Keeping Operations were projected to be just under $US4 billion.

• 800,000 people die a year from violence (UN Commission on Human Security).

• Violence as terrible as it is only kills 3.6 per cent of the same number of people killed by poverty.

To address this issue the international community has had Peace Conferences since 1899 at the Hague, has set up the League of Nations (1919-1945) and the United Nations (1945- ). Various conventions have been signed like the Geneva Conventions (1864-1949); various UN organs have been set up including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court 2002.

Dot point 3. Using the figures from the UN Commission on Human Security divide the total number of people killed by poverty by the number killed by violence; then find the percentage of this.

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